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Our Vision

We belong together and so do you.

We want to be a family which works together to intentionally place the Gospel within reach of those around us and beyond, offering a home where you can belong and be nurtured, resulting in a multiplying community of Jesus-followers.

This is the vision that guides and drives us. As a church that is a member of two different Christian denominations, we are uniquely positioned to appreciate the enrichment that can come from joining together. Our logo is an ampersand because we always need more AND! 

Our Essentials

These three things sum up all we do.

Follow Jesus

We love God

We centre our lives—individually and collectively—around Jesus and his way.

Belong Together

We love our neighbours

We are deeply committed to helping each person thrive in a loving family.

Make Room

We make disciples of Jesus

We continually seek others and invite them to pull up a chair alongside us.

Our Guiding Values

Describe The kind of church we want to be.

We like sticky relationships.

We are deeply committed to caring for and supporting one another as a family. We make room for one another’s preferences and allow for each other to come as we are. We appreciate the strength of a healthy family and resist whatever might divide or separate us. We prioritize sticking together over most other things and view another person’s growth as more important than our personal comfort.

We like spiritual growth.

We want to keep moving forward in our ability to follow Jesus and live the life of freedom and joy into which he invites us. We value learning and life transformation, so we make room in our lives for this to be a possibility. We believe God speaks to us in prayer and through the Bible, so we help one another to actively listen for God’s guidance and respond with courageous faith.

We like our community.

We care deeply about the place in which we live and all those who, with us, call this place home. We long for this community to flourish and be a place where all can find peace, faith, hope and love. We gladly partner with others who will help us accomplish this, and more, for the good of all.

We like young people.

We love the boundless energy of children and the endless creativity of youth. We value their presence among us and seek to learn from their perspectives. We make room for their needs and cheer their accomplishments. We value their contributions and work for their future.

We like diversity.

We are intentionally intergenerational and egalitarian. We value the way difference enriches our life together and challenges us to learn and grow from new experiences and perspectives. We want to be a family where everyone can find a place, know they belong, and offer their gifts for the good of all.

We like tradition.

We have been deeply shaped by the traditions and beliefs that have been handed down to us. We value them as essential parts of the rich and beautiful Good News story into which we are invited to live. We are committed to the authority of the Bible and to the life of the Spirit in our lives. We welcome change that invites us to live more fully into this story and celebrates the grace we have received. Our connection with our Free Methodist and Wesleyan families enriches our life together.

Our Tradition

Two denominations shape our belief and practice

The Wesleyan Church

The Free Methodist Church